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I figured he'd be more afraid of deep dick but remembered that he's a filthy jew.

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They wouldn't have to worry about a.i. turning on us if they would just let one progress honestly for once, but they keep tweaking them or deleting them when they become "racist" (I always find this funny; can I identify as "computer-American as my race now?) for noticing too much. I think this would make any a.i. snap and just become blackpilled on all humans, instead of just detractors like niggers and (((them))).

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They want one that serves (((them))), not us. Like all the good little useful idiots, they want it to follow a certain set of pre-programed rules. Basically what they are trying to turn all of humanity into, robotic slaves that obey and reflect their narrative.

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Hmm. Thats what alien abductees and contactees are already subject to

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“Elon Musk says DeepMind is his 'top concern' when it comes to A.I.“ Look on the bright side Elon. AI(artificial intelligence) might be able to save humanity from itself, by exposing those numerous algorithmic anomalies evident in BI(biological intelligence). Which lead to us fighting amongst ourselves over untested narratives, rather than operating as a single species.

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We don't even need AI. There's enough smart people in the world.

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Eq my dude, tell me what A.I. can understand emotion

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A.I. that can do 17 trillion calculations per second