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Become a Grey Man

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Buy a good quality low IR surplus tarp. Slice it open and sew a mylar blanket between the layers, with a bit of flexible spray adhesive to hold the mylar in place.

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How would you go about looking for a low Ir tarp

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Any real US military tarp is low IR. Most military gear, especially anything in milspec Cordura is low IR. That's why it pays to get the good stuff, even if the cheap crap physically works just as well. You will literally glow.

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Why not cut up a bunch of aluminium foil strips and make diy chaff?

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Instead of just a hat the whole tinfoil ghille suit, I LIKE IT!!!

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A few sharpees will make a mess fine work camouflaging of one's wardrobe.

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I like how the author misinterpreted number 10 shot as 10 gauge

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scooby doo shit, right here.

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Start living underground...

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Shotguns work well

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