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We're going to see more of this kind of thing as time goes on.

10-15 years ago, when you got banned, that was it, you were out of the playpen. But then the second , and third, and fourth person got banned. Now you had a small group of rejects.

Today... well, we may soon be approaching the point where there are more 'banned' people than unbanned.

Cancel culture will eventually cancel cancel culture. As the banned increase in number, so does the power of the banned. Eventually the main stream will have banned enough people that the banned group will begin to takeover as main stream. At that tipping point, there will be no going back, and these companies will have officially canceled themselves. is only the beginning.


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so weve become the jews .....


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What's the Aryan equivalent of hand rubbing? Is it the scheming beard stroke?


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Let me see your dick then if you’re a degenerate.


[–] TheManyHands ago 

10-15 years ago there was no centralization and getting banned didn't mean anything. It's only been a few years where getting banned hurt anyone, and it was largely imaginary anyways. That brief time is ending now, unless the FBI/ADL can stop it.


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Censorship is a natural human phenomenon. It has always been a problem, but there has never been a situation where literally a handful of individuals control what billions of people can and cannot say.

I don't care what other countries do, but we need to enforce the First Amendment strongly here in the USA. Any website that is operating as a legal 'platform' with over, let's say, 10,000 regular participants, must adhere to free speech allowance laws.

If they do not, they must either switch to a 'publisher' status, or be shut down.

Free speech is meaningless when 6 people can shut down 350 million voices instantaneously.