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EFF still believes in free speech, ACLU got woke. I used to support ACLU (except for 2nd Amendment, but at least ACLU didn't lobby against it even if they didn't support it...) but ACLU went full retard. Go EFF!

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It's not about free speech or copyright, per se. It's about shutting down the internet archive and/or wayback machine because leftists can't stand being caught on the record for the mental gymnastics that are on display for all to find.

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I refuse to believe the Internet Archive and wayback machine are political. Who in their right mind would be against these things?

..And the EFF is a bastion for the left though. You can't say they hate the Internet archive when they're coming to defend it.

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EFF is a bastion of liberty. They're centrist libertarian.

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This, absolutely this. (((Marxists))) do all to erase history and the way back machine is a big hurdle for them.

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Thank You, EFF!

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It's covered by safe harbor laws.

Should be a zero time case. A judge should just throw it out and sanction the lawsuit bringers.

This is clown world though.

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This is the territory that neither side wants to cede. Expect this to get nasty.

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Meanwhile, the frauds known as EFF sit in a corner with shit eating grins on their faces while they observe big tech censorship against conservatives all over the internet, and dare not utter a word against it. Fraudulent, virtue signaling assholes is what E.F.Fucking F. is.