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Can the rest of the world join in? TikTok is trash.

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Our tech oligarchs have decided that China is a more lucrative market than the west so don't expect things to change anytime soon.

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Anytime I see an adult man with tikitok, I just bring up how they have the same hobby as a 13 year old girl.

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Never stopped bronies

[–] offender ago 

Yeah, because they're chomos

[–] OccularIrritant ago 

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Tik Tok is Chinese communist spies

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If you try to use a secret person to person chat with encryption, like Instagram, If TikTok is installed, TikTok IN THE BACKGROUND, on a timer polls and grabs your keyboard via a global typing clipboard grab, and can stitch together all you type.

But IT IS WORSE!!!! The video shows it does it constantly, but then SENDS YOUR TYPING TO CHINA servers via TikTok!!!!

Thx @jewer

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apple / samsung are complicit.

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Still rather chinks were reading my stuff secretly than those hyper dependent creepy fanatical cult workers of silicon valley

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US is much more communist these days

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I was wondering why all of a sudden it’s advertising is popping up everywhere I look.

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based poos

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Tiktok is the cheap chinese knockoff of vine

Remeber vine?

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I remember vine. What about imgbb. It’s a photo website you just take a picture of your dick upload it and send it to me.

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my macrolens isn't magnifying enough to find it.

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Poos vs. Poohs! Fight!

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It’s amazing these shitskins have to shit on the streets, but have their iPhones with full working internet, but don’t care about sanitation...

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Probably why they don't have the 'rona.

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AOC admitted to colluding with TikTok to influence the election.

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based pajeet

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