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Barr going after Google on anti-trust violations by using their ad dominance to demonetize content they "disagree" with should also be applied to card processors . . .

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Yup. This is straight up anti-competitive practices.

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Wake me up when anything happens on that front.

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Same Barr that is ANTI ENCRYPTION and part of the LEFT his entire political life

[–] noonemustknow ago 

William Barr is the US Attorney General, appointed by Trump.

He argued that Mueller had no right to investigate Trump. He's been accused of undermining the conviction of Trump fixer Michael Cohen. After changing who sat in some seats, Barr dropped charges against Michael Flynn, Trump appointment to National Security Advisor.

He's a rat-fink bastard for trying to tear down encryption. It literally threatens US national security, but he doesn't give a shit. And I hate to break this to you, but he's one of Trump's.

Not that Obama was all that much nicer. He supposed the NSA's warrentless wiretaps and forgiving the telecom's part in that crime. No officials seem to be a fan of giving power to the people and letting them be secure in the papers like the 4th amendment states that they must.

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Master card?... Sounds slaveish it me.

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So a usury aka slaver won’t let you speak about certain things ? Almost as if you don’t have a right to speak against your Jew masters

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How the fuck is this legal?

[–] Obliteration 1 point 7 points (+8|-1) ago 

muh private company can do whatever they like, sweety

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Not with monopoly powers.

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That only applies when it benefits the left. When it doesn't benefit them "muh private company can do whatever they like" turns into "bake the cake bigot!"

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Because muh lolbertarian an-caps see no problem with this. It's just the free market at work! Vote with your dollar!

Welcome to 3rd Position Dick Masterson.

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Masterson is such a conservacuck faggot. He bitches about boomers then literally brags about living the exact same way they did in the 70s.

He epitomizes everything wrong with internet celebrity culture.

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Everything is legal when no one enforces the law.

Gee - I wonder who might be failing miserably at setting the tone in our nation about punishing criminals and protecting the rights of citizens.... It’s almost as if there should be someone who pushes back against that. It’s almost as if someone is lazily allowing criminals to run our country, get away with literal murder, and do whatever they want in front of or behind the scenes because they can get away with absolutely everything they try. Isn’t that strange?

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Isn't this a good reason to use bitcoin or other digital currency?

And it's a big reason why govt wants regulations surrounding digital currency, so they can continue to control economic activity.

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It is. The biggest problem is that we can't trust computers (cell phones) themselves save for very specific instances. Anything Mac/Windows is pozed. Anything x86 and ARM is pozed. Anything Android is pozed.

It's great that we can have cryptocurrency sovereignty but if we use them through Jew-controlled platforms then we are fucked. It's not a problem currently but it probably will be 5 or 10 years down the line. Almost everyone will get "anti terrorist updates" that will limit their ability to freely transact in crypto.

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That's why you get a hardware encrypted wallet that doesn't expose your private keys to (((Windows))) or (((Mac))). Signing happens on device and the private keys are never exposed to the PC.

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wow, it's almost like if you control the debt/credit system, you control the world. (((who))) knew?

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The jewish financial monopoly is intolerable

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Meanwhile, crickets from the White House. Four years - FOUR YEARS - building up to this moment. They used to at least work from a false pretense - they would pretend try to justify it or hide it or pretend they weren’t doing it, but now they are just openly axing conservatives from the Internet and social media. Unopposed. Even just over the last month or so, a giant push.

And the White House just sits there and watches it happen the same way they watched us get locked down, the same way they watched our rights get infringed, the same way they watched mongoloid baboons destroy cities the same way they watched Epstein disappear or be murdered or escape to Israel, like we will ever know, since there was no serious investigation, like they watched people get away with domestic spying, tax fraud, campaign finance fraud… All they do is talk. Talk and then watch. They do literally nothing about any of the major issues.

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