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don't even have to read the article to know without any doubt that jews are behind it.

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But gab is jew owned too

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Juden always play both sides.

[–] libman ago 

What can a sane Jew who is on your side do?

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It's exactly like he says, this is Chinese-style social credit. Have a platform the Jews don't like? It doesn't even matter if you yourself are a Jew-hater, they will ban you to SHUT IT DOWN.

And when the time comes, these same bastards will be happy to sentence you to death for the "crime" of antisemitism.

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Side note, Discover Card and others come out of Salt Lake City. Maybe Mormom banks don’t give a shit about kike banks and their black lists? Some bank other than Visa has to offer banking services.

Side note, Discover card offers some of the worst rates if you keep a balance but some of the best money back rewards if you don’t. 1-5%. I have parlayed that 5% discount with a Veterans discount to items on sale into some nice savings. More than a few times.

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Side note, Discover Card and others come out of Salt Lake City.

really? source

jewpedia says that it was created by sears https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Discover_Card

[–] Sir_Ebral ago 

Implying jewish mormons don't exist.

Mormonism is a joke religion. Just like every other non-Abramhamic religion, though, jews seek to infiltrate.

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Bitcoin fixes things like that

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Indeed. I hate that people see Bitcoin as an investment or a "get rich quick" scheme. It's not, it's a way out of the jew controlled money system.

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this is very very bad,the communists did this to their victims.wow never thought to see this here

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Use the Jews golem's against them. I'm sure someone can come up with a clever idea for Visa.


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Good. Let Visa destroy itself.

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No one is doing anything like this to Parler? Tells us something . . .

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Tells us Gabb.Ai was exposed and now nobody trusts it, so the jews required a new service to hook the gullible goyim who don't do their own research.

It's a shell game.

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