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Damn, European based sitesare few and far between to begin with

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If you are in Europe you risk going to prison if you report on immigration. There is for instance the Danish politican of "stram kurs" who will be jailed because he was critical of immigration.

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That would be what wipes out right wing voices in europe

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Thanks, jews!

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Their only fault is that they aren't jews.

politicalite.co.uk for example is run by jews and never censored despite their gate keeping of right wing news.

If it is a specificly a news site which includes opinionated pieces, there should be legislation that bans advertisers platforms in being selective in what they will allow and won't allow to be placed generalized ads on next to news articles. So long as organizations where historically revenue was generated from can arbitrarily decide what they will support and won't shows great online discourse problems.

Asking membership from readers would have been another solution but i'm sure the (((financial institutions))) would have blocked it. Because Voice of Europe wasn't gate keeping enough to not hide the jew problem.

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