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God damn reporters are fucking stupid. Their own headline contradicts their story.

Under guidelines approved Thursday, at least 40 percent of the tractor trailers sold in California would have to be powered by some form of zero-emissions technology by 2024. Medium-duty trucks, such as the Ford F-250 or Chevrolet Silverado HD, would be required to switch over 55 percent of their sales by 2035; and 75 percent of delivery trucks and vans would have to use zero-emissions powertrain technology by 2035, a point by which fully 100 percent of government fleets and last-mile delivery trucks would have to meet the target.

That is NOT "all vans and trucks must be electric by 2024".

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Car companies can offset it by buying Carbon sequestration. It's just another TAX by commiefornia.

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Yeah, I'm just pointing out that if the text is accurate 0% of vans and trucks are required to be electric at any time, including by 2024. All != 0%.

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SO can well sell our carbon footprints to Cali?

[–] QualityControl ago 

This is the true source of Tesla's income.

[–] newlurkeraccount ago 

The reporters name is eisenstein. What do you expect, the entire truth?

[–] 78616BC93459 ago 

Of course not, but come on ... they can't even meet the basic requirements of telling lies, like don't contradict yourself.

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Electric vehicles to clean up the environment? Will somebody please explain to me where the fuck they plan to come up with the electricity to recharge 100 million cars, trucks, and buses EVERY DAY. Is it just gonna mysteriously appear somewhere, or will they have to double the number of coal fired and nuclear power generating plants? If you can't explain that, then please explain to me how human beings can be this fucking stupid! I really don't get it.

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Step 1. Blow up a balloon.

Step 2. Rub balloon on your head.

Step 3. Hold static charged balloon next to vehicle.

Step 4. Drive off into sunset.

Any more questions, shit lord?

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Wow. Whod'a thunk it.

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Not to mention all the rare earth metals which are required to manufacture the electrical components in these new vehicles... the mining of which actually has a visible and concerning impact on (select areas) of the Earth, unlike this mystical and elusive phenomenon of "global warming" which we're supposed to be more concerned about.

The whole thing's a scam.

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It's a plan that comes from screwed up libtard brains, so...

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If it made any sense, liberals wouldn't do it. Liberals hate cars as much as they hate guns, these are the first steps they're taking to make private car ownership illegal

[–] 24623863? ago 

remidns me of EU cities which hate cars, so they made these tiny or inaccessible areas within their cities, and then complain about lack of tourism, etc due to low vehicle traffic. Fucking retards, the lot of them

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Haaaa ha ha ha. Memestate.

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The carpet does not match the drapes in this story.

Thus, Fake News.

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Please help us. Gavin is also trying to make all cops use Teslas. It's almost like he's trying to destroy this state.

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He is. Do the needful.

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I see another goat works in IT

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At least Tesla isn't a completely woke shitshow unlike practically every other tech company.

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Tesla moves out of state. Elon Musk gives Newsom the middle finger. Not only do cops need to stop and charge in the middle of a chase, they have to buy the vehicles from out of state.

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They are literally trying to create the nerfed future in Demolition Man.

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Cheap gasoline? Quick, better make it illegal to use it to transport goods.

[–] Soyboy69 ago 

Cheap gasoline?

Nah, taxes still probably make it expensive.

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California should shake itself into the ocean.

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Hows that high speel rail moneysink coming along?

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