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If he gets expelled under some code of conduct bullshit he needs to sue. Part of the settlement or award should be having the school admit they think blacks are junkies.

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Kid makes a joke, the left destroys him or tries.

Leftist calls for genocide of whites, gets a promotion.

There are our universities. They've been like this for a while and the retards they've produced are now in charge. I'm pretty sure I've called this kind of thing out long about when it was obvious where this shit was going.

Remember Blick? The ugly AF Missouri professor who was calling for people to throw that kid taking pictures out? Yeah, she's just the tip of the iceberg.

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*Melissa Click

Her job was analyzing the Twilight movies. She was rehired by another university, Gonzaga. Marxists take care of their own - even if they put up a public front that they disagree on some views or tactics - and this gives them a huge advantage.

Are there many Christians who would hire an abortion-doctor killer? Could someone like Dylan Roof get a Governor's or President's pardon, like members of the Weatherman Underground did? Would someone even hire Roof's sister?

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That's not enough. Kansas State needs to be shut down.

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Kansas State has excellent life sciences and agricultural programs. But those are just about the only things of value found in American Universities aside from hard sciences and mathematics.

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The people that want him killed, expelled, ect. Was that their first time using the internet? Do they know what an internet troll is? They gave this guy exactly what he wanted. A reaction. The idiots fed the troll.

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And a weak, recycled meme, at that. He gave them a tiny love tap. Talk about "fragility"!

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There is so much to comment on with this article.

Student and commentator Jaden McNeil faced death threats and calls for suspension after making a joke on Twitter.

Death threats for a joke? People need to lighten up just a tiny bit. It's a fucking joke. I understand liberals have no sense of humor, but death threats? Are they this insecure?

...an investigation from the college after he made a joke on Twitter.

Here are the facts: the student made a sarcastic comment in public. No person was harmed. The continuum still exists. No laws were broken.

"Congratulations to George Floyd on being drug free for an entire month."

This is funny. No race was mentioned. The statement is factual. He actually praised George. The humor is a little complex for feeble minded NPCs. That may be the problem.

many tagging Kansas State, calling for the student to be expelled and some going as far as threatening McNeil’s life.

So, telling jokes are against school policy? On what grounds would the college expel him for? Inciting others? Seems to me the college should investigate people on campus threatening his life. Isn't it unsafe to have unstable people who assault others?

McNeil’s joke, while offensive to some, is certainly protected by the First Amendment.

Stunned. Actual sanity here. What is the college to do? He broke no laws, broke no policy, essentially did nothing wrong, didn't threaten anyone. Yet the college feels compelled to act.

Here's my advice, as your arm chair lawyer, I advise you to do nothing. Make no public statements, no tweets, no posts. Anything you say will simply incite more backlash. You can't win. You are in a stalemate position. Anything you say or do will put you in a worse position.

But who am I kidding? The college can't resist virtue signaling.

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McNeil’s joke, while offensive to some, is certainly protected by the First Amendment.

Stunned. Actual sanity here.

It's reclaimthenet.org ... they're conservative minded thinkers with a bent for actual civil liberty. But to libshits, they're a racist, evil nazi fascist publication.

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Turn it on them.

Jaden only mentioned drug use, not race. Ask them why they jumped to that conclusion. Do they assume calling out drug use is only talking about blacks?

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That is actually playing right into their hands for the next race card stunt.

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Perhaps. But you'd have sjws on edge that they'd be liable for any unknowable infraction either now or in the future.

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Death threats are protected speech on Twitter? Why aren't they suspended?

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"If you're so offended by a joke, as revenge why don't you just make an offensive joke back?"

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