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let me understand: Technology company which is literally more powerful than the government, is pressured by the corporate overloads to punish the president by illegally censoring him, or else they withhold advertising shekels?


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Corporations, always and forever care about making money. They care about nothing but making money. They do the math every day, deciding who to fuck over to make more money. If they think ripping down freedom and smashing America makes them more money, they will do it in a second. If they think that de-platforming the POTUS pisses off a smaller portion of their customer base than not: they do it. If breaking the law makes more money, they do it.

The big problem of the internet is there is zero public forums. Every platform is a private business. Every private business, by law, can ban anybody for anything, anytime, even take down the official posts by the president. They are free to show 100% one-sided favor to a specific candidate, they are free to endorse the enemy, they are free to ban every conservative in the nation.

Literally there is NO free speech on the internet. Everything you can see or read or hear on the internet is provided by a private business, and that business is free to censor as much as they want.

The left knew this, which is why they infiltrated every major internet platform with loyalists and true-believers and bent the entire Western internet heavily liberal.

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Corporations, always and forever care about making money. They care about nothing but making money. They do the math every day, deciding who to fuck over to make more money.

This is not entirely true. Get enough leftists with an agenda in there, and they will sacrifice money for the agenda. They will hire shittier candidates because those candidates are black, they will go "woke" and blackwash their products, etc.

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Most of what you wrote, especially the "no free speech on the internet" is an outright lie and not true.

Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act says that "No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider". In other words websites that host user generated content are NOT liable for what their users post and ONLY has exceptions for something that may be deemed illegal.

There are amendments being considered to remove this protection from sites that are acting as publishers and not platforms since they are actively policing and censoring their sites.

Point in case, I think you're a nigger (now, let's see if my free speech is violated).

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"The left knew this, which is why they infiltrated every major internet platform with loyalists and true-believers and bent the entire Western internet heavily liberal."

implying the left has the brains to do such a thing and the operation wasn't lead by jews.

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There are still one‐way free speech forums. RSS and email are open protocols. No one is censoring what my desktop RSS reader downloads from a multitude of independent websites. If I were into email subscriptions I could wouldn’t have much trouble receiving those either.

Our problem is that we are falling into the easy to use private platforms instead of building and supporting open protocols. It’s not an easy problem to solve. Building useful, reliable open protocols and software is costly and no one makes billions of dollars doing it. There are still many out there and we can help by using and supporting them.

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"But but private businesses have rights!"

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Well, at least someone understands.

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if you dont think the corporations are jewed this should prove it. why would corporations be against trump? biden and the dems will raise taxes on them in a heart beat right before we are potientialy entering a massivr reccdssion and depression! what the fuck this makes no sense.

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The taxes are barriers for entry to competition. This is why corporations bribe politicians and then have them write laws making harsh regulations in their industry.

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Gosh, you mean like network neutrality? No. They would never organize a mob to attack the chairman of the FCC so he would switch his vote at the last moment.

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thats an interesting take. ive never looked at it that way.

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Laws and regulations are barriers for competition. Taxes are barriers for increased profits.

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corporations will do whatever it takes to turn a bigger profit. If shitting all over freedom is the price they need for a 5% return, that is what they will do. The Left knows this and very effectively uses it.

How many Right organization attack facebooks sponsors over their refusal to run Trump's ad and permit all candidates in an election a fair shot? How many right wing groups are attacking advertisers for Facebook mass banning conservatives?

This is forever the problem with the Right: inaction. The Left is highly active and constantly attacking. I don't know what the Right is doing, waiting them out or something?

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they are motivated by hate and hope. the hope is insane it is jewish lies telling them the dream of marxist communism will be good for them

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The thing is there are no right wing corporations that make too much money. Currently all corporations see left wing globalism as a way to increase shekels so that is what they follow.

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exactly. historically, corporations have LOVED republicans. Follow the money

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I did follow the money and it led me to thousands of offshore accounts under strange corporate names that were filled with billions of untaxed dollars.

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So they twist meanings to label entire value systems as "hate".

Why is Capitalism now "hate"?

Why is Freedom of Speech now "hate"?

Why is White self-determination now "hate"?

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"Everybody I don't like is a Nazi" - Clinton.

Because you always start censorship on people nobody will defend, then move the goal posts.

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Institutional means fighting the institution. Tyrant means wanting to be left alone. Oppressor means being oppressed by.

[–] xzars_folly ago  (edited ago)

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And this is how the Zionist agenda gets pushed. They used the same leverage/boycott strategy to buy up all of our independent local news papers in the first place.

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(((Advertiser boycotts)))

You know, isn't it funny how the government does not intervene when a group of corporations in the same industry form a cartel and unite in a given action? How is this not reasonable grounds for raiding their offices to seize their administration and go over it to check whether or not there is a free market in their industry and they haven't made deals to keep out which will obviously be goys. Yet these advertisers gladly welcome goy businesses to use their platform to buy ads. Whatever happened to the anti-trust investigation huh? Pfff anti-trust is just a politically correct way of saying MONOPOLY.

Since jews became entrenched in US government any planned action against jew run corporations is extremely limited if not out-rightly sabotaged by the dual-passport wielding zionists. Since then government has no longer taken action to ensure a free market but instead decided to chose winners and loser corporations, by doing so the government has in essence regulated monopolies.

When jews got out of the callcenter business, suddenly the crack down on robocalls occured. Goys can't do what jews were doing, it's almost like those jews were warned beforehand something was coming from the regulator.

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This was all scripted.

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Yep, FB didn’t want to lead on this, they wanted to have the excuse of being “pushed.”

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I'm sure the Chinese Communist Party would never orchestrate something like this. They are our loyal and just comrades.

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But I also stand against hate or anything that incites violences or suppresses voting,

Except when we ban political adds which is voter suppression or when the violence is incited against white people.

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Only 19 upvotes ? something weird is happening....

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Time of day

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Yeah bullshit, it had nothing to do with the advertisers, thats just a plausible cause to blame.

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