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Kaczinsky was right about leftists

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MK Ultra false flag to have valid opinions popularized by the manifesto of a mass murderer.

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ex. Osama Bin Laden

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Where is the Ad?

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This. Anyone got the sauce?

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Why are people on Facebook anymore? What with the data mining they do and the 'security breaches' they have regularly... It makes sense to leave.

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Lol have you tried telling people this? They seriously don’t give a fuck

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I have but my family doesn't care.

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Completely! but is a matter of convenience

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Leave faceberg.

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Everything stacked against white people. That’s what it all boils down to.

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I know multiple people who have no intention of paying off their house before they die. The bank doesn't care as long as you have assets they can seize. Some plan on leaving the country if needed. I'm trying to convince them not to.

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We need to start arresting and hanging the traitors, support of a domestic terrorist group burning the country down should get you a noose.

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Trump should have worked harder on getting rid of Silicon Valley the minute he took office. Surely to god he could have someone that knew how to do it.

Fucking Americans; they still think those are "American" companies. They are not. They're multinational globalists. They fucking HATE America.

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But why would capitalists support communism?? /S

[–] TurdLord5000 ago 

For the health of economy, duh.

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The upper 20% of this country should be burned to the ground.

How many millions in your bank are enough..when you see a shitton of homeless people panhandling on your way to...or during your shift.

CEO making 1150 times the pay of the ACTUAL worker.

How long are we gonna let this bullshit go on...unions are not the way...they take part of your check to hobnob with business owners (on an expense account mind you)...so they can "grease the squeaky wheel" in a big business.

Big Business needs to stop paying themselves more when they make more money. THEY NEED TO PAY THE PEOPLE DOING THE WORK MORE...how fucking simple is that

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There was a big cultural change in the 80s where (((Hollywood))) made a movie declaring, "greed is good." (((Wall street))) embraced it. Though it was probably the other way around; as social programming. It rippled outward as they started rigging boards and nepotism became the norm.

"If you sit on my board you can vote me a raise. I can sit on your board and in exchange I'll vote you a raise. Fuck the workers, greed is good."

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