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I'm not sure posting ablog article on the internet is the best first step.

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I keep making it a joke

but I also don't give in to the facebook bullshit

on one hand, I want to use it for what it can be, social interaction and sharing of my personal life. Personal projects, art, discussions, jokes, and shit.

On the other if I see another inspirational quote with a minion on it I will lose my fucking mind


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I quit Facebook a few months ago and never really looked back, I had my account deleted as well. I did go back to make a dummy account with none of my data on it because I never realized how many 3rd party sites used my Facebook account to login. So after quitting I still needed a Facebook account becuse their login API has spread across the Internet like the flu.


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Well, writing it down and telling people does sort of hold you accountable to your own words.


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It also releases endorphins and gives you the accomplished feeling as if you had actually completed the objective. It's the same with saying 'I'm going to start running' or 'I'm going to start eating healthy.' The best way is to just start doing it, don't tell people, just yourself at most.