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* /v/linux

Solid advice

* /v/debian

Why only showing ONE distrib ? You could have linked to v/Gentoo , v/Arch , v/Slackware , v/Redhat . You see, Debian, Gentoo, Arch, Slackware and Redhat are the major distributions. All of the distros are derivatives of these.

* /v/ubuntu

Whoa whoa, calm down, why linking to a unique distro ? (which is the most questionnable one)

What about v/Centos , v/Fedora , v/Linuxmint , v/Manjaro ?


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I personally have no experience with Gentoo, Slackware, Fedora, Mint(s) or Manjaro, so I'm not going to suggest them to anyone.

Arch shouldn't be attempted by anyone who hasn't already run a linux distro for a while. Redhat costs money and CentOS is always significantly behind on hardware support (although if it runs on your computer, it's ridiculously stable).

Debian is my preffered distro and is, I think, relatively noob friendly. For all it's flaws Ubuntu is very noob friendly and seems like a nice gateway do proper linuxes.

Just my opinions.


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I understand your point


@clocks52 says :

I'm suddenly very interested in linux

your response was ;

Linux / Debian / Ubuntu

Was it really that hard to suggest other subverses ? It was a bias suggestion to only give him (and others) debian / ubuntu.

Now, can you understand my point ?