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So this is not an issue of using a Microsoft account instead of a local account.

As best as I can tell this is not the case otherwise the government and businesses would be at risk. Local accounts should be safe from this provided you don't enable the appropriate services.


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I would imagine they'd handling things differently for enterprise versions. Even if they aren't specifically doing this for local accounts the core issue is that they will access, disclose and/or preserve your personal files under certain conditions. They've made it part of their blanket privacy policy, not something that specifically states "when stored on our servers." It's outlandish at best, and to make users accept this policy just to use the entire OS is absurd.


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Perhaps you are referring to Cortana Or OneDrive? These service generally require such data. This is not news to anyone in the technology field.

Have you sat and read the EULA? They are referencing the same stuff they've done since XP. The only difference is They are pushing Cortana and OneDrive.

Did you know if you use Google Drive that Google has access to your files too?

Also, when your computer crashes and you do a MEMORY DUMP (full memory) this means anything in memory is... gasp stored and sent to Microsoft when you upload it to them.That russian-tranny-midget porn you were watching? Yeah, they can see the URL from the dump.

All of these things can be disabled. There's plenty of guides already out there that show you this. There's also plenty of guides for you to track network usage so you can know what is going on with your network to know Microsoft isn't siphoning your data.

Sit down, read the EULA. That might calm you down a bit.

Sit and think like a rational person here. Do some math on the bandwidth it'd take for them to pull that off. Now think about how much bandwidth YOU need to upload that. Yeah... Now does this really seem practical to you? Really?

If you want to upload a file on my website, yes, you WILL accept my terms or don't use my website. Don't like their terms for OneDrive or Cortana? Don't use it. Don't want Siri sharing your information to Apple? Don't use it. This isn't something new here.

edit: -- better spoken than I put it