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Well you got 5 years of support still for Windows 7. I myself am optimistic for Valve's push for Linux (see Steam Machines). Gaben already called foul on Windows long time ago. Here's to him being right and me buying far fewer windows-only games in the future.


[–] Kookus 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

True, but there are already games in the pipe listing "Windows 10" as a requirement, and the newest DirectX will be locked in to that OS. This is how Microsoft maintains vendor lock-in on the gaming market.


[–] oooooo 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

They may have exclusive titles, but I'll just view those the same way I view console games right now. I have a set of principles that cause me not to buy consoles. In turn, their games are non-candidates for my playing time. Windows 10-only games will just fall into the same category.

An alternate view on this is that the Linux gaming market is rife with opportunity. If the bigger game studios are going to shirk Linux, plenty of smaller game studios won't. And given cross-platform game engines like UnrealEngine and Unity and their fairly liberal licenses these days, it's becoming less common for smaller devs to be forced into choosing a platform to target due to a limited pool of resources. We may also see the Vulkan API become a viable competitor to MS's DirectX.

I guess I don't really fear Microsoft maintaining a chokehold on games in the future even if they have exclusive titles.