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Try mint instead of Ubuntu. Ubuntu was the go-to for years when you wanted to introduce someone to Linux but in recent years since changed their focus from desktop to phones. Unity (Ubuntu's desktop environment) is also very different to what you're used to, whereas Cinnamon is extremely similar and solid.

I don't use Mint these days, but I do use cinnamon's screensaver as my lockscreen on Arch.

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/v/linuxgaming if your into that kinda thing


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* /v/linux

Solid advice

* /v/debian

Why only showing ONE distrib ? You could have linked to v/Gentoo , v/Arch , v/Slackware , v/Redhat . You see, Debian, Gentoo, Arch, Slackware and Redhat are the major distributions. All of the distros are derivatives of these.

* /v/ubuntu

Whoa whoa, calm down, why linking to a unique distro ? (which is the most questionnable one)

What about v/Centos , v/Fedora , v/Linuxmint , v/Manjaro ?


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I personally have no experience with Gentoo, Slackware, Fedora, Mint(s) or Manjaro, so I'm not going to suggest them to anyone.

Arch shouldn't be attempted by anyone who hasn't already run a linux distro for a while. Redhat costs money and CentOS is always significantly behind on hardware support (although if it runs on your computer, it's ridiculously stable).

Debian is my preffered distro and is, I think, relatively noob friendly. For all it's flaws Ubuntu is very noob friendly and seems like a nice gateway do proper linuxes.

Just my opinions.