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Will I be rid of this espionage if I go back to Win8?


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I don't see how you guys literally take the phrase "we will X, when Y" and then only bold the "we will"... You've chosen to ignore a pretty important qualifier and then acted as though the "will" portion proves it's a guarantee.

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There is no way tech savvy people could be that dense otherwise.

Actually most tech savvy really love Windows 10. And I was one of them. For them it is as simple as going to customize and disable the privacy settings. Whats the big deal.

But this simple operation is actually scare for the none-tech savvy users that just pressed the upgrade.

And even for the tech savvy users it is very scarey because when I checked my Windows 8.1 settings, to my shock I discover that my privacy settings were changed. So apparently some update undid my privacy settings. It is not the first time that behind my back you are exposed to the internet when you are convinced that your identity was protected.

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If it makes you feel any better, threads like this keep coming up, so at least we're fighting and doing a decent job of it.


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Reminds me of christian apologists..