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Pretty much. It's like these kids never worked a honest hour in their lives and think they just deserved it. They don't understand how much money (someone else ofcourse) that I takes to create some of these IPs.

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Holy shit did you brought into that hippie shit. Would it be possible to live in such world (maybe)?, but is it remotely possible... not in a long shot. Take our current medical research for example, you know what drives them? Take it guess (and no.. it's not desire to cure people), it's PROFIT. If there was no investment returns there will be no new drugs. Take a look at the biotech companies that are listed on the stock market, see them rise and fall from simple up and down votes of the FDA panel. The life of the drug is directly tied to the investment returns of its creditors. Once enough creditors/investors realize it's a bad call, you can basically say good bye to that IP.

Now, I understand you want to live in that world and maybe you even practice what you preach, but it's definitely not the world we live in today.