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Agreed, simply put - dude was just a petty thief. Teaching kids that stealing is okay will only lead to bad kids.

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I work on/in multibillion facilities to provide power to a cities the size of Seattle and more (you know the people who actually make the city run, without them you be sitting in a dark room). That is a real contribution my friend. You are promoting stupid shit behavior because you think someone else hard work and research should be stolen and given away for free.

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Pretty much. It's like these kids never worked a honest hour in their lives and think they just deserved it. They don't understand how much money (someone else ofcourse) that I takes to create some of these IPs.


[–] rhava ago 

uh robin hood? hes presented as a good guy i dont see many narations of the story where the land baron is seen as the victim.


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A good guy? Here is the video of him stealing, no "good guy" does this kind of shit. Good people don't steal from others.