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I really don't think so. Most of the things people are getting upset over are, to be perfectly honest, blown out of proportion.

From a different thread:

•The P2P is **ONLY **to share updates via your OWN NETWORK.

•Telemetry - this is nothing new, Microsoft has collected logs and crash data from their OSes and Software for years. Even Apple does it with OSX. But if you are that paranoid download NTLite and remove Asimov.

•Real-Time Protection is there for a reason, to protect people. You can turn it off for varying intervals but yes it turns back on automatically to keep you protected. If you install a 3rd Party Antivirus like Trend Micro, Avast, etc. Windows 10 automatically disables Windows Defender.

•Cortana is a Web-Based service. The volume of data needed to make it work properly would not fit on most computers. But if you are that paranoid you can turn Cortana and Web Search off. On the taskbar click on the Magnifier icon, then click the Sandwich Icon top left, then click settings and turn Cortana and Web Search off. Then right click an empty space on the taskbar, click search and then hidden.

•Content-Suggestions - Yes the ads are there, but you can go to Settings>Privacy>Manage my Microsoft advertising and other personalization info - This will open a webpage in your default browser. Once signed in you can turn off Browser-Ads (from Microsoft), and OS ads (from Microsoft)

•WiFi Sense - This is really easy to turn off, go to Settings>Network & Internet>Manage Wi-Fi Settings and turn off "Connect to networks shared by my contacts

•Automatic Updates (Forced Updates) - these can easily be turned off as well - go to Settings>Network & Internet> Advanced Options and turn on "Set as metered connection". This will have to be done for every network you connect to so don't forget.

Edit: There's a lot of talk about MS "keylogging" everything we type. That's just not true as there is no evidence of any key logger in the files (they're pretty easy to spot seen as every antivirus is has heuristics designed to spot these things). What it does do though is use phrases and words you type into things such as Cortana or your browser and feed them back to MS to improve autocomplete and the relevance of Cortana answers. This is also the same as what Google and Apple do with their products. You can also opt out of sending feedback to MS by going 'settings > privacy > feedback & diagnostics'.

I get that everyone has their backs up about CISA and an Orwellian society but lets take things based on evidence rather than drawing conclusions from speculation and possibly even the desire to make companies seem as evil as possible at the moment.


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Reading my emails is not acceptable. Changing my settings back to what you want is not acceptable. This is not blown out of proportion.

I will be going back to win 7. If this doesnt get fixed i go linux.


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What email service do you use, and why do you think they don't read your emails?

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Dint' Microsoft create an entire campaign vilifying google about "reading your emails"


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There is still about 41/2 years left on 7. When Microsofts business starts slipping away they'll suddenly become more reasonable.

edit: care to provide a comment to go with the downvoat.


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Upvoating for visibility and to combat the spread of disinformation.


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I like the content Wonderboy posted. And I'd like to point out that for all those who "debunked" Windows 10 spying on you with the preview version (who swore those features would be removed), guess what? They weren't.

Still no mention of the Windows 10 key logging feature. That alone is scary and I haven't seen that addressed by those combating disinformation.

I have worked to create BI platforms for companies in the past, and while the information Microsoft is collecting (with the exception of logging your keystrokes) is seemingly benign, I'd like to point out that mashing that information together can paint a very detailed picture of you. And that picture is available to any advertiser who is willing to pay. Example: Even if your physical address wasn't ever shared with Microsoft, your Bing searches and such alone could reveal enough information that, when assembled using smart data analysis, could pinpoint where you live. An example of this can been seen here where a Harvard professor identified 40% of "anonymous" participants in a high-profile DNA study case.

With information collecting like this, it makes it even easier. And here is where it really rubs me the wrong way: The DOJ feels it doesn't need a warrant to get to this information. If it is being collected by a cloud service, then the DOJ feels they have a right to it. In contrast, if that information were to remain on your computer only, law enforcement must obtain a warrant to get it.

Are people making this out to be a "the sky is falling" scenario? Yes. But I don't think we should ignore the implications of what is happening slowly but surely.


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I missed "to combat" the first time I read your comment, it made for an entirely different meaning. Perhaps I should get my eyes checked... again.

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If you choose to use another antivirus (even free) the real-time protection is disabled. It's only there if you have nothing protecting you at all, in which case I can't understand your objection to a base level of protection higher than 0.


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Thanks, this is really informative.