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I posted this yesterday, but with everyone freaking out about this stuff I figured I should post it again. With a caveat that, every company that uses data is doing this same thing, Microsoft is just the first one to directly outline where and how they are using the collection. Remember when Google got busted for using your WiFi to generate location data and not telling you?

Any system that has any sort of predictive behavior (leave for your meeting at Joe's by 11:55) will have privacy implications. Microsoft will have access to most of your data on any **new ** Windows platform. But that doesn't mean your security is at risk. It means that some of your data is sent to their servers in order to offer you a 'better user experience'. If that's not something you're interested in or if you just don't believe them or if you just don't believe that anyone can be trusted with your data, then that's your choice to not use their products.

The reality is that you're probably fine, and unless you are committing a felony through your computer, and the Feds go to Microsoft to request your data. In general, it's not in Microsoft's interest to use the data they acquire in any other way than to make their products better for their users. If they sell it, someone will find out and the people that mind will jump ship.

Total anonymity is not practical in this world. You can and probably should change your privacy settings with any new installation or product before you put any sensitive information into it.