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FFS people act as if all this is new, slapping images of war bs. Shit's been going on for years. Google and the rest of the internet already know a lot about me, and honestly I don't mind. It helps them bring me better services and honestly it's not that big of a deal. It's not like they're doing this all to get all your data and do harm with it. While we're at it why don't we look at the government? They have ALL of our information. Nobody seems to trust the government, yet they don't mind all the services they provide. Does it go too far in some places? Yes, but people need to stop being so fucking paranoid with all of their data. Might as well not tell a stranger your name or phone number BECAUSE HE MIGHT KILL YOU. There's just so much unnecessary paranoia. /rantover


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While we're at it why don't we look at the government?

Goddammit this riles me. You are spot on.


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Hows its like working on Microsoft?

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Have you ever been interested in a person, and thought, oh hey I should give/get their phone number to connect more? It's how relationships (sometimes) start.

EDIT: Shitty example.


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It's not about what they are doing with it, it's about what they could do with it. There is also a distinction between browsing the internet and everything you do with your computer.