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Windows 7 so far is the best Windows, after that I'm switching to some version of Linux (most likely Ubuntu)

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I have already decided Ill switch to Linux after 7, but is information like this that makes me hesitant. Different people keep advocating different incarnations of Linux which becomes intimidating to new users like me. Ill do my research and figure it out eventually, but what about the average Joe? How do you present Linux to him without overwhleming him?


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All right, thanks. I'll try installing Debian tomorrow ;-)


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With the right modifications, 8.1 can be just as good if not better than 7. I had some problems with windows 7 (something to do with the os not jiving with my hardware... or maybe it was a few bad cracks), but didn't have any such problems when I upgraded to 8.1 (also cracked)