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In other words, predictive services are kind of a standard feature these days. Chrome and Firefox also do it. So does Internet Explorer on Windows 7/8/whatever. And 90% of smartphones have it automatically enabled.

I'm not claiming that's a good or bad thing, but it's not specific or new to Windows 10.


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... because no one was supposed to go see what's inside the terms of contracts, what's behind all these annoying menus and what mean all these buttons hidden far in the configuration windows...?


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When you install Windows 10, it asks you these things all on one screen up front.


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Exactly how Google and Facebook get away with it... nobody ever sees their ToS... And they're collecting all the same shit, and more.

We should actually be praising Microsoft for making it slightly more obvious than them. I know when I did the Upgrade to 10 today, it was very clear about giving me the option pre-install to disable most all of this.