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Yes! Honestly, you won't regret it. If you have an old, spare computer lying around you can always play around with it and see if you like it. I always recommend Elementary OS as a good starter for people looking to try out Linux. It's sleek and easy enough to use without knowing how to do anything besides burn a CD and load it when starting your computer.

It has the added bonus of looking pretty and being infinitely customizable; so even if there's stuff you don't find, or want to change but don't know how, there's nothing a quick Google search won't be able to show you how to fix / get around.

EDIT: Actually, even if you don't have an old PC lying around: just install VirtualBox on your computer. It lets you run an OS inside your current one (Windows, Mac, w/e). You can play around with it all you want, and if it's not your cup of tea, you can just delete it and nothing on your PC will change because of it. Just note: performance isn't 100% (since it's running a system inside a system and all that). You won't be able to test games or anything that requires "high performance" unless you have a sick computer, or you install it on the HDD itself.