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You know, if you like the whole "Mac OS" aesthetic, I would suggest Elementary OS. They've done a great job at making everything seamless and straight-forward. It supports APT as-well, so it's handy that way. And GTK or KDE apps all intergrate in to its aesthetic as well, so nothing ever really looks out of place (if looks are your concern).

When's the last time you've used Linux? Things have gotten a lot more user-friendly in the past ~5-10 years. You pretty much don't even need to know how to use a console anymore, for ~99% of things besides tweaking out the kernel and stuff like that (which, I mean: if that's what you're doing, you already know how to use bash).

Just run linux in a VM in your current OS of choice and play around with it. I think you'll find things have gotten surprisingly better.

EDIT: also, you don't have to remove Windows completely. Due to their hilariously self-destructive proprietary nature, they can't even see what's going on in your EXT3 partitions. Just keep using Windows for Steam and use Linux for everything else.

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