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I've always wanted to become familiar with and use Linux...I'm gonna make it a goal to try it out within the next few months.

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Linux can be really beautiful. Don't wait. Also, install Guake, its cool lookin.


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Do it in a VM. Oracle is free.

Once you've got the hang of it, boot your VM off a Clonezilla ISO, write the OS to a file on an external disk, then restore it to your PC with a Clonezilla CD/USB boot.

For bonus points, reverse the procedure and put your old Windows install in a VM on your Linux rig for those rare Win apps.


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Pst. /v/Linux. Come on over.

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Don't wait, though. I fear some parts of 10 are already in 7, just more stealthily. Some components could even be added with updates as well. So getting off of 7 sooner rather than later is a good idea. Also, stop using Google products and services as much as possible (they're no different than MS at this point).


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Windows 7 so far is the best Windows, after that I'm switching to some version of Linux (most likely Ubuntu)


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Yeah I've been telling people I'll be using windows 7 until 2020 and by then SteamOS will be running pretty well on linux and I'll just go straight linux. I already run it but now even my gaming machines will not be windows.


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As with everything, the hard part is the first step. Start small and improve every day. You can just install Linux in dual boot so that you still have Windows available. That way:

  1. have some time, install Linux
  2. go back playing on Windows or whatever
  3. have some time, try browsing the web on Linux (notice it's not very different from Windows)
  4. go back playing on Windows or whatever
  5. have some time, install Steam on Linux, try some games (notice lots of games run on Linux (including all of Valve))
  6. go back playing on Windows (some still not run on Linux) or whatever
  7. have some time, learn a simple command to type in the terminal for that one problem you thought was too specific to solve automatically (notice that, on Windows, you would need to find a program for this specific purpose)
  8. go back running that one thing that still run only on Windows or whatever
  9. have some time, ticker with the command line (notice that it's pretty cool, even if people think you're hacking the Matrix)
  10. go back running that one thing that still run only on Windows or whatever (notice how everything is so clunky, slow and eats your RAM)
  11. go back to Linux, install Wine for that one thing, and ditch Windows


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Doing this for sure. Migrating my entire network away from windows.