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Linux. I can't stress this enough... linuxlinuxlinuxlinuxlinux. It's all we have left to avoid the nanny state. And even then: make sure you avoid the questionable distros (looking at you, Ubuntu).

If more people used the fucking thing, all the games and software we depend on, for work or whatever, would already run on it.

Just use a separate Windows partition for Steam. Then use all your normal Windows apps in WINE or a virtual machine (Word, Excel, Photoshop, etc). You can do literally everything else in Linux just as easy as Windows.

Seriously guys, we all left reddit for far less dubious shit. It's time to leave Windows. No one said freedom would be easy.


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I was helping my friend re-tile a floor. I never searched any DIY videos, materials or anything. The only relevant data would have been 3-4 texts along the line of, "Want to come help?" He had already gone to the store to get materials, I just grabbed some tools and drove across town to the work site. I used my phone to to play Pandora while we worked. Every other ad was for Lowes and Home Depot. Never had home improvement ads before or since. It was creepy as fuck.


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I really hope this is sarcasm.


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You don't actually go through the trouble do you? Seriously. You know what they're going to do with all that information? Use it to find out which soda you like so they can sell it to you.


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Pretty much. This is honestly just Microsoft's version of Google Now.


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As for google, its not very accurate unless you turn location on... when say using the maps app.

As for facebook, anyone dumb enough to use the facebook phone app is, well... dumb enough to use the facebook phone app.


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Yes, I admit, google does have my location data. Facebook doesn't have much on me. I block all their trackers and I haven't had an account since about 2008 or 2009. All their data is old.

I don't have as much data in the cloud as most people, and run my own "cloud" hosting with my 10.7 TB FreeNAS box.

I've got ads blocked at the firewall and a nice managed router. I run Open Source on my router so the code is freely visible to check for vulnerabilities.... and intentional back doors (looks at many big name companies).

I know it's far from perfect, but I'm confident I'm doing more/better than 80% of the population.

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