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I agree with him too, and I'm pleased that he has the verbal skills to back up his claim while also breaking some stereotypes.


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i'm with this guy too. i have a drone, a friend of mine has made one that cost over $2000. but we fly over private property, parks, and some preserve land where we helped make a video for one of their presentations. sometimes we zip around through the neighborhood, sometimes you can't really help but go over someones house. i like that our shooter identifies that even stating that he wouldn't have shot it if it had been flying, but that he only shot it because it was hovering. and he even made a smart weapon selection.

i really like that this will call attention to the privacy matters at hand. especially since my local PD has a drone they use to watch traffic on Friday night. i don't think it will be long before they start using drone footage in court and its important that we address these things as civilians with the courts before the LEO's get involved.


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i hate that these fucking faggot police officers will try to shoot you if you film the trying to murder citizens IN PUBLIC..

but suddenly they throw a hissy fit if you care about protecting your privacy in YOUR OWN FUCKING HOME?


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Random question, but how high can you fly those things? I'm just trying to gauge how far up they can go and still be effective for recording and how hard of a shot it would be to take one down. Thanks!

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He is breaking the stereotype of being an illiterate redneck by speaking clearly and thoughtfully as well as being a responsible gun owner. I didn't see any big talk from him beyond what was necessary to defend himself. You'd be thankful to have someone like him around if you had to deal with a truck full of angry rednecks accosting you.


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Please hurry, we wont miss you :)


[–] crashtestgenius ago 

Well, he's at least a little bit educated. That's breaking a stereotype right there.