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What complete and utter bullshit is this? Three things you can always count on from Condé Nast and Advanced Publications: (1) for any SJW related issue, you know that they will come down on the SJW side and (2) they will always spin, spin, spin and (3) if they get busted outright spinning for their SJW cause of the day, they will do a self evaluation and conclude that they were impartial and unbiased (e.g. this article is a good example - Ars Technica's finding that they did not collude with other 'journalists' to attack Gamer Gate is another - that was after they were busted colluding with other journalists to attack Gamer Gate).

"WIRED’s parent company, Condé Nast, does not own Reddit"

No, but Condé Nast's parent company does. They are the majority stakeholder for Reddit. Advance Publications owns both Reddit and Wired. Implying otherwise is dishonest.

"we at WIRED have no direct relationship with Reddit"

WTF? Owned by the same company and shared the same fucking office space for 8 years. Their staff ate lunch together every day for 8 years, up until last year. The only way their relationship could have been more direct is if their staff were fucking each other on a daily basis (which is probably the case anyway).

"In 2012, Reddit become truly a private, independent company after receiving outside investment."

Except that Advanced Publications still owns most of it. How is that 'truly private or independent'?


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Rats gotta swim hard and put some distance before the ship goes under and they get caught in the undertow.


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Seriously. "Oh, Conde Nast doesn't own Reddit, cool...". Except, Advance Publications owns Conde Nast. Maybe they are unbiased, but that statement is ridiculous on its face.