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Guess what you give up having one of these in your home? 4th amendment rights. Bringing one of these devices into your home means you're giving everything it records to a 3rd party. The SCOTUS has ruled that 4th amendment protections no longer apply to that information. Thusly, law enforcement can listen to you in your home in real time.

Of course, if you have a smartphone, you're bringing one of those devices into your homes.

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They have that for regular cellular phones as well.

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Like having one surveillance device isn't enough. I don't get why people buy these things

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Apple does it too. Just b/c it hasn’t been leaked doesn’t mean it’s not happening

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Yah theymust have heard some pretty nasty shit from me cursing out 666THEM666 while watching tv and getting randomly ripshit about the world over a few beers through my iphone.

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Conspiracy theorists: "Why would anyone put that in their house they will just spy on you with it."

Normie retard:"They will never do that."

Years later: They do that.

Normie retard: "You and your stupid conspiracy's, I have nothing to hide. I don't need any rights."

Have to wonder if something similar happening with ancient Rome. The thinkers warned the unthinking but there was just too many unthinking. So the thinkers just watched in horror as the obvious happened.

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This meme is an old one, but is good for this subject.

Link: https://ibb.co/m4cqpqS

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It's Google.

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I doubt anyone here is stupid enough to own one.

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i guarantee everyone here has a smartphone or other voice recording capable device

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No shit. I have zero sympathy for these ass captains

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