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This is on the companies that use proprietary software in their linux distros/programs. If these companies want to avoid the patent traps then these companies will need to forgo Microsoft's technology. It's that simple.


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Is anyone in Linux even using MS tech stacks? The most popular are python and C++, and from a UI perspective we have GTK/QT. Machine Learning can be done with Python or R, which are both open sourced. And no one i know would be stupid enough to install .Net Core on a linux machine

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Linux should not support fat at all. It shouldn't even be shipped in userland.

Same with that horseshit uefi trash. And "(in)secure boot".


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Just try to find an external hard drive or ssd that isn't formatted as exFAT and its hardware will not permit the drive to be formatted to any file system other than exFAT. I now buy enterprise hard drives and an external enclosure to be able to format how I want, typically EXT4. I have worked with both Seagate and Western Digital so far. Funny that they cannot be formatted as micro$$ft'$ NTFS which is far better than exFAT. I tried the reformatting using both Linux gParted and Windows XP easus.

I suggest that if the box says the drive is formatted as exFAT and you want a different file system then keep looking. https://duckduckgo.com/?q=unable+to+change+from+exfat+to+ntfs&atb=v167-5&ia=web