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I retired 15 years ago. Part of my employment agreement was that the company could monitor my communications and they were all considered company property, including the lists of employees. Anybody who doesn't recognize that today is just plain ignorant.

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A leader in big box retail, Wal-Mart is also a leader in technology to reduce costs. One of my former bosses explained that "Cost Walks", that is the biggest expense item in most companies (but especially retail) is Salary and Wages. They are in the forefront of innovations to reduce this cost. We already see the growing "self-service" checkout areas, and automated inventory as well as automatic restocking can't be far off (My guess is at night.) We know they're working on it. From a competitive standpoint, whatever can be done to reduce all costs must be done in order to remain in business. We consumers flock to lower prices, whether we need the stuff or not. Re: "You get what you pay for.." I would add sometimes. Often we/they get less than we pay for, sometimes far less.

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How did walmart know who the account belonged to?

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Probably used walmart wifi while sitting at the burger king.

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More likely a hater doxed him and it went on from their.

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HA Walmart has its own employee FB wannabe site. I bet he got tracked from that.

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They are...many companies do.

And the employee was an at-will employee.

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wouldn't suprise me in the slightest. Do they still have the largest private workforce still?

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ok so if they have this tech-its most likely a beta test before an even bigger roll out.