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2019-07-11 | Wondering how to whack Zoom's dodgy hidden web server on your Mac? No worries, Apple's done it for you • The Register

'But the presence of the web server was a more serious issue, especially since uninstalling Zoom did not remove it and the web server would reinstall the Zoom client – malware-like behaviour. '

'Although no remote execution vulnerability has been published, a web server with an unpublished API is a risk in itself. '

'Apple has pushed a silent update to Macs, disabling the hidden web server installed by the popular Zoom web-conferencing software. '

'On 9 July the company updated its Mac app to remove the local web server "via a prompted update". '

'Its initial reaction was to justify the hidden web server as "a legitimate solution to a poor user experience problem, enabling our users to have faster, one-click-to-join meetings". '

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