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Maybe zucky just needs some friends

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He will die surrounded by Electronics and robots since he is part robot.

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Old news. They already backed down on this.

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And you know this..... how? any links they already backed off? Maybe he meant it for the Chicoms.

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but no for lack of trying. guess farcebook wanted to see how it would go over.

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Yep, here is their updated policy for anyone interested (just be careful cause I am lazy and linked directly to Facebook):


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THEY are the real facists

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No. Fuck no. Stop.

They are MARXISTS, this is the correct word for them. I am a real fascist, and i can tell you, we have very little in common, this narrative is cringy as fuck.

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Technofascists vs. journosfascists They are everywhere daily

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of course dirty-yiddish-gypsies have two faces...