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time to learn French and post on French web sites....

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And the definition of "hate speech" it's defined by whom?

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Me of course

Anything I don't like is hate speech.

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clown world now

pure dystopian hell world in 100 years

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Closer to 10 at this breakneck pace we're going at.

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Good. When the Whites have no other option, they will see war is the only option and they'll get plenty of support from abroad.

Most of the military equipment in the world isn't owned by countries anymore. It's floating all around the world, hidden in caches everywhere.

No White without an assault rifle. No White without a 5 kilos of ammo.

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This has nothing to do with "hate speech" (whatever that is supposed to be). It's about control, and that's all it is about. It is one segment of society imposing its will on the rest of society in an attempt to control the actions, words and thoughts of society as a whole.

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agreed. and well said.