[–] TrevorLahey ago 

"Alexa, should I be passing bloody chunks from my arse?"

[–] derram ago 

https://archive.ph/NpCW6 :

2019-07-10 | Oh good. This'll go well. Amazon's Alexa will offer NHS advice • The Register

'Booth described the NHS data corpus as the true crown jewels and possibly the most valuable data set on the planet. ', "Patients in the UK will be able to use Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant to search for information from the National Health Service's website."

'They can review and delete voice recordings in the Alexa App or by visiting amazon.co.uk/privacy. '

'Amazon stores voice recordings from Alexa permanently unless you delete them. '

'Amazon’s Alexa records what people say, stores recordings in data centres we know nothing about, and exploits our data for profit. '

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[–] roznak [S] ago 

It does not work on face detection, why do they think it would work on health diagnostics?

[–] ahollowpoint ago 

Also the issue is now Amazon gets to probe into your medical records, glancing over HIPAA laws. And then, how long until does conversations start getting used against you? In NYC, there's talks about using "social media" to get a gun permit, how long until social media becomes any/all conversations between you and another person which may or may not be recorded in a public or private setting?