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Google has a monopoly on search.


If you take yourself out of Google search, you have killed your website.

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Not true. It just encourages people to switch search engines, which literally takes a fraction of a second, and their "monopoly" is no more.

My default search engine is DuckDuckGo (for now), but I can prefix g for Google, я for Яндекс, etc. When more sites do this, more people will switch their default.

Most importantly, it's a way to signal the difference between attention seeking parrots and true freedom fighters who can attract an audience through merit.

And of course people reading Voat will still find it.

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Doesn't DDG just use Google behind the veneer though?

I like Yandex for anything 'controversial'.

Or Google Image Search. Much less pozzed, and you don't spend ages trying different sites before finding one that actually has something relevant/interesting to say.

[–] izzame ago 

ouuu, but how can you force someone to switch search engines...? google is so ingrained in everything.

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Unless you direct link on places like voat, where most of your audience probably comes from anyway.

[–] voatusernamevoat ago 

umatrix doesn't like your link.

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This article is mostly about Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), but I would "block Google" for political reasons.

Best way is to detect referrals from communist propaganda engines like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, HN, Reddit, GitHub, etc and redirect the user to a nag message about boycotting those scumbag companies and the better alternatives.

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Please present me with an alternative where my sites can use something similar like Google Adsense or Facebook ads, because there isn't and if there is some platform they will have less then 0,5% of the market share are barely any large advertisers, they pay absolutely fuck all for CPM. If this doesn't change, then G man and Fbook will remain the top dogs and that means they get to dictate rules.

If you have AMP, google places you higher. If you have google ads, google places you higher, if you have google analyitcs, google places you higher, if you don't use google fonts to track the ad blockers people then you get ranked lower. Even if you do all the SEO optimizations, if you do not have any of the above you can kiss 65% of your traffic goodbye because Google will give favor to your competitor who does.

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Advertising is for low-IQ people anyway. Make money by selling stuff and accepting sponorship from your fans (ex. the Free Talk Live AMP program).

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Anyone miss the days of just currated web catalogs instead of fancy search engines?

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Remember web rings?

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Love the article.

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I've stopped using google. My default is Yandex.com. If I don't like the results I jump on DuckDuckGo. The absolute last resort is Bing. However, that's only when I'm desperate.

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I actually use bing mainly these days. Works pretty well for me. I just didnt want to use google anymore

[–] srsh ago 

I don't blame you at all. Bing actually is pretty good and it's why I make it my last stop gap when Internet Searching. It's crazy that I've reached this point. For many years of my life, I would just blindly google search and never even tried to give another search engine a chance.

I'm looking into email options now also. I rarely use my gmail account for email but do use it for the free google docs. Currently looking at alternatives now. Once I stop using google docs, I will not be using anything owned by Google. Unfortunately, they likely have a shit ton of info on me already. But I'm going to do my best to minimize how much more they get.

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People will frantically search their brains for some words to justify staying with Google. It's a church and they're fanatic worshipers, beyond all hope. Leave them to die out with their priests by converting to autonomy.

[–] GumbyTM ago 

Google needs the same hammer that Ma-Bell got.

Competition caused tech to explode after Ma-Bell was broken up. Imaging what will happen after we do the same to google.

[–] mons_doof ago 

Quit using google?

[–] libman [S] ago 

== quit being used by Googled.

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