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you would think with all the films that have been made recently with public domain content that the studios would be against this... its like saying "Yes we grew all this great food for you with seeds we found, but if you plant any of our seeds, we will sue you." Oh wait this happens. hold on better analogy....

It's like saying: "We are going to use all this great water we found to grow you food, but if you try and use that water your..." shit wait... um

it's like saying: "Look at all this great stuff we made for your iPhone using open source software, but if you dare try and use our code, we will sue you. If you try and barrow ideas from us down the line to better the state of technology, we will sue you." Shit wait this is copyright...

well fuck I tryed..

You get the point I am making, people want to get some thing for free, charge you for it, and then throw a shit fit when it comes time to give it back to the world.


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One of the best and most clear examples is Disney, I think. Here is a list of 50 films Disney made from stories/characters in the public domain. Many of those films would be IP violations if they were made today, thanks to laws lobbied for by Disney themselves.

Create a business model, make billions of dollars with it, then use those billions to lobby to make it illegal for anyone else to use the same business model once you control the market.


[–] Morrotbotz ago 

I'm curious, if derivative work is anonymously mass published and distributed through non attributable means, dose that mean the copyright is lost since the holder cant successfully defend it?


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Give a man a key, he cannot not open the door
Give him something free and he'll resell it to the poor

...Such is life in this unfurling dystopia.


[–] Ilvi ago 

Cool song. >:3