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They hide it for the same reason that they always speak in incomplete sentences. All the silly media and political pundits always support "a woman's right to choose." A woman's right to choose what? Of course they won't finish the sentence they started because the choice they support is to kill a baby while it is being born. Hell no they won't say what they really support! They get away with it because not one of the slime bag commentators or interviewers will ask the obvious question. WTF "right" to choose to do what? Not even a politician in a debate has the guts to ask the question that would bring down the ridiculous statement like a ton of bricks on the head of anyone stupid enough to say it.

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Being 'pro-life' goes against the larger depopulation agenda.

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Replacement agenda, I don't think there's a depopulation agenda. They want more bodies, just not whites.

[–] KebabAndNoseRemoval ago  (edited ago)

Two seperate agendas.

Wipe out whites

Keep population around 500-1500 million mutts niggers and slants

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Complicity through cowardice

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There was mass media mainstream un-reporting when it came to queer 'marriage' and baby murdering being made legal. All we had was a one sided view propagated by the EU supporting cunts. 'Ah sure Irelands a modern country' What they meant was they'll do what the EU says they'll do.

I'd rather we were seen as a backward bunch of donkey riding yokels than some hip happening immigrant dyke and queer loving shithole. Next we'll have a referendum on banning basic human morals.

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Hide? Nothing to hide! One GOOGLE outrage after another ... and the bosses still walk good & breath easy ... what does that tell you? I think so many modern citizens are baby-killers that as a social event it just doesn't make any difference.

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Complicity through cowardice.

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I remeber when I was gonna quit tobacco so I googled what to expect and the first results that came up we’re on a website owned by a Tobacco company and every post was sayin it’s so incredibly hard it’s like hell etc etc. it was really discouraging. So I went ahead and stopped cold turkey. Kept some around and got drunk to test myself I never did do any for three days it wasn’t that bad really. Then I went back cause I got thrown out of where I was livin. Fuckin weak. my point is google sells out and doesn’t give a shit about you.

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Of course they would. Can't have women being mothers now can we?

[–] StanleyWojcicki ago 

Google is more of a threat than North Korea at this point.

They need to be shutdown, fuck breaking them up.

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