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Almost every single gab.ai link I've seen here automatically forces a fucking download of a pdf. PDFs are a horribly compromised format and gab fucking knows it.

That fucking shapeshifting like has been setting stupid people up pretending to be a free speech site.

What's more the cocksucker in charge of the site was hanging around here until he was called out on it by me and on a day when at least 7 pdf links from gab were active on /all tried to fucking tell me He had never seen it before and provide proof.

Then fucking vanished.

Don't trust pdfs

Don't trust gab

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You can't really even trust links. From a security perspective, I'm telling you it's really hard to hide. The only real defence is there's too many of us. They joined up to do good but find themselves increasingly suppressing reactionaries, those reacting as a result to government policy, dissidents, those who dare find fault in the system we find ourselves in. They soon start questioning their role. Are they really fighting evil or suppressing up risings against the growing impropriety of our leaders. They soon become peace keepers, keeping the peace when our own leadership does everything in its power to disturb the peace. They're not fighting for good, they're fighting to sustain bad leadership. Each round of elections is a new opportunity to see how much they can get away with, the slow creep, but it's not the only slow creep. It starts off with the mad people, the fringes of society who are easily condemned but as the powers that be grow much and more demanding, more and more confident in their unconditional powers, they find that the proportion of the population that are canaries grows each time, like a rising tide they pat their own backs each time a wave recedes but the next wave comes in ever stronger, relentless, growing, pulsating. Even their conditioning of society isn't enough to grant them unconditional reign. Each time the canaries are more in number and increasingly closer to salient, increasingly less paranoid and increasingly aware of real threats. Increasingly the scale tips such that more of the mad are more pathologically threat blind than threat adverse. You go from the mad being people seeing threats that aren't there to people being mad who don't see threats that are there. The pendulum swings, the wheel turns, the scales tip and now those mad geniuses who saw the direction things were going are the tip of the spear. All these agencies can do it delay the inevitable, but time but sooner or later the time will come, the time of reckoning, the time when we stand up and do what needs to be done, where nothing will stop us, no threat of death or a fate worse than death will stop us, nothing will stop us, nothing will break our resolve, we'll not scrape and bow for leniency, we'll never withdraw our gaze from our target, even if they gouge out our eyes so they best pull up their socks and sort out their sorry mess before it's not a few oddballs they have to contend with but the entire village. Futility shall be our greatest motivator, our biggest strength. A victory despite futility shall be the miracle that will be delivered no matter how many of our corpses shall litter the battle field. They will have to exterminate us all. It's all or nothing. There's no other way to defeat us, yet a thousand more free souls are born every day.

Never surrender, never give in.

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Gab.ai = gabbai = "an Aramaic word that means tax collector, but today a gabbai is someone who assists with the reading of the Torah."

Always in plain sight. They're incorporated in a popular Jew place. "The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves." ― Lenin

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Imagine believing anything downloaded from lettersoup agencies will not infest your computer.

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I've been trying to warn users about that fucken PoS clown mother fucker look up @jem777

https://voat.co/v/ProtectVoat/3310500 RIP @jem777

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Crensch also defends a child porn solicitor that's into blood rituals.

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says literal pedo

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interesting link.

I never knew about that thread where GA mod Crensch showed such disrespect for a dead voater (died from a "siezure"):


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Check this one out where he gives up on trying to smear a legitimate citizen journalist that was well liked and respected by her subverse


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great question! great solution

A Classic PDF can be printed in a public domain "GhostScript" Postscript renderer, enhanced for page break control. This stream meant to be sent to a PostScript capable printer can be considered EXTREMELY SAFE.

Think of it as PRINTING A PDF to a new SAVED PDF.

The problem? Weird obfuscation for line speed in Apple's operating system to use a large token database lookup table sent with the document to APPLE postscript devices.

Another problem... wierd DRM control that does no actual DRM other than DRM authentication itself, forcing some documents to be very nonstandard PDF. Ghostscript DOES support PDF passwords (used on self published ebooks).

How to Use Ghostscript


Using Ghostscript with PDF files :


Ghostscript has been around since 1986 as far as I recall. Now it is used by the security paranoid to "scrub" pdfs for use on their other devices.

You can even use it to actually render into PNG images, but that crap cannot be text searched.


WARNING! : NOTICE How the Many VOTES on this comment you are reading OF MINE ARE FBI DOWNVOTES?! (-2 so far) Beware goats. I tried to warn you. Anyone in this thread attacking the messenger or attacking my facts is a FBI shill probably. A Glow In the Dark**

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Couldn't there be GS exploits as well? Seems the safest approach is to use a pdf-to-png website.

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I tried to report this to GLP. Banned. Thanks, OP.

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Thanks for the info. Might have to setup an airgap system for PDFs now.

I wonder if Apple’s Preview which can open PDFs has as many vulns.

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Officially , none in CVE except ability to read old global unix environment flags (a non-issue) :


so 1000 CVE exploits for Adobe's PDF viewer, 10 for Foxit, and 0 for Apple's semi-OK free PDF viewer.

A malformed png, jpg, or PDF embedded font one day could be lurking for years , but not divulged in CVE yet.

Why the paranoia? Because NSA and CIA spend together nearly a billion dollars trying to hack into Apple OS X and Apple iOS. Proof of just CIA alone : https://wikileaks.org/vault7/

The reason for "billion dollars"? A third of that budget is in the form of bribe suitcases full of 20 dollar bills given to Employee Senior Engineers at Apple, Microsoft, and Adobe to infiltrate very special clever accidental weaknesses into the companies source code, hidden among real work, for a average payout of 2 million cash per successful end implant.

Yes that really happens, and sometimes the Senior Engineers at Apple get caught if it is a source code weakness added to SSL or to CERT chain code. Usually, to get the hack by, a line is DELETED, not ADDED to source code, or a variable is deliberately set in wrong order, or error return code reset back to non-error. Its hard to get away with blatant infiltration in SSL or to CERT code at apple, but it still keeps happening. NSA offers such sweet sweet incentives, and the flipped engineers consider themselves "patriots".

At this point in my narrative, I feel it only fair to warn you to stop conversing with me upon these topics, else you may find yourself added to another "LIST". You don't want to be on the same lists I am on.


NOTICE How the ONLY VOTES on this comment you are reading OF MINE ARE FBI DOWNVOTES?! (-2 so far) Beware goats. I tried to warn you. Anyone in this thread attacking the messenger or attacking my facts is a FBI shill probably. A Glow In the Dark**

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I've seen first-hand how Crensch works. He wants power above all else.

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Can Voat not allow .PDF extensions to be posted?

Harsh, but effective fix.

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It could or should just put a WARNING next to it, like "WARNING : PDF !"

Science papers are all published in PDF and we need to offer links to those, even if many are full of malware.

WARNING! : NOTICE How the half the VOTES on this informative comment you are reading OF MINE ARE FBI DOWNVOTES?! (-1 so far) Beware goats. I tried to warn you. Anyone in this thread attacking the messenger or attacking my facts is a FBI shill probably. A Glow In the Dark

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This is why we need IPFS, hash-based links - you can verify that everyone gets the same response, so no targeting.

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In this case maybe all VOAT users would get same PDF payload tainted response due to URL adornment attribute sneakily placed on the example URL in this posting. Of maybe all users everywhere get the same payload, no matter what, but the ones from voat have their IPs logged for "high interest" by the infiltration team at fbi

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