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Always somebody with "muh Revelations". I don't know why people don't call themselves 'Revelationists' or sum such instead of Christians. Of course, neither group follows the teachings of Jesus Christ, so I guess it really doesn't matter.

The thing to absolutely avoid at all costs is reading and pondering the Four Gospels—you know, the books supposedly written by those who witnessed Jesus’ ministry from its inception through His death and resurrection.

"Nah, dat's sum crazy nigga sheeet. I like dat Old Testament and dat Revelations stuff. Feel me?"

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[–] Hebrew-Virus ago 

First (((they))) claimed it was John the Apostle who wrote both. Then it was later proven that it was impossible for John to write both (due to age differences between the documents). Then it was claimed that none of the original Apostles wrote any of the gospels—they were written by their followers. (Yet, magically John somehow still wrote Revelations.)

The only reason Revelations is so popular is because people can't do math. Let me explain: Jesus told his apostles that he would be killed are rise again (The Second Coming). According to the Gospels this happened and then he ascended into Heaven. Now because people have poor math skills they insist that the "second coming" is when Jesus comes back as outlined in Revelations. (That would make it the 'Third Coming'). "And boy, I can sure sit around hoping— instead of doing—just waiting for Jebus to take me to Heaven."

Very few people even realize that the New Testament was rewritten under the supervision of the kikes. But hey, The End Times™ is right around the corner—always has been. Be sure to give somebody "in the know" your money. I'm sure that person will actually be right this time.


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Look for a pattern hard enough... lol

wouldn't it be something if the asteroid slammed into earth this september? I mean, my jaw would hit the floor, "Well, son of a bitch. How about that!"


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Well, a broken clock (non digital) is right twice a day, every day.