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The ADL Exposed in 1950's Book! "Controversy of Zion"


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Cheers for what you are doing, but I am not watching an hour long plus guy to find out he just repeats stuff.

How about direct folks to "The Greatest Story Never Told (Hitler)": Bitchute Collection
It is hard to find this stuff because even on their own site all links are broken. Which is hilarious in a way.

I have more stuff but I will wait for folks to deal with what I just posted.

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Makes me ever-more ashamed of being born a Jew...

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This last part might be a good point ...

While many people are rightly focusing on the various accounts that have been demonetized and deleted, let’s quickly review some of the content creators that are still allowed to exist on Youtube.

Red Ice Creations
Know More News
E. Michael Jones
The Red Elephants
Blackstone Intelligence
The Public Space
Andy Warski
American Renaissance

I have to assume that those who are left standing are allowed to be on Youtube because jewish supremacists want them to be there, even though some of these channels claim they are exposing Zionism and jewish subversion. Why else would the ADL not target them for termination?

But doesn't Red Ice name the jew?

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Yeah, I’m not buying that last part. ShitTube has already publicly stated it will take 4-5 months to fully purge the platform of all “hate”. They aren’t finished, not by a long shot. These channels WILL be gone. It’s just a matter of time. Remember, the slow boil.

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Remember, the slow boil.

Exactly right. The only reason I go on the shit shows is because folks link them here.

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The enemy is smart, and has been doing this for a long time; they purge in waves for a reason. Moreover, they also have an interest in preserving some "antisemitism ", as victim status is the source of their power.

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Normally I have something to nitpick about someone's comment. I have nothing. You are a resounding one hundred percent right. Particularly the victim part.

I had a jew attack me at a bar because I told him the holocaust was fake. They need the victimhood. And they have to fight tooth and nail for the victimhood.

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Semite thought-crime mindset bred-to-the-bone. Refuse to support GOOGLE by rejecting their ads , browser & email. Take away their money and watch Semites squirm.

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