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Except that is complete bullshit. Dishonestly so.

One is a morning ritual which includes both. The other never ends, frequently to obtain a fix. They are not honestly comparable.

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A news company back then ran multiple prints throughout the day. Morning, evening, sometimes midday. Giving the technology and logistics at the time it is very comparable.

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The big difference is the people reading the news papers are reading actual news and things going on in the world. Sure, it's through a kike media tinted lens, but it's at least something.

The people starting at their phones, they're burred in facebook, reddit, instagram, or some other self-absorbed thing talking about inane bullshit that doesn't matter at all.

Newspaper provided news. Phones provide instant gratification via engineered dopamine hits, and the content that is consumed is usually garbage viral videos or stupid inane bullshit that has zero effect on the real world.

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USPS also used to deliver twice a day

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You check your phone far more than 3 times, though, and it's usually not to read a long-form story.

At a glance we've got some articles claiming 80 or 150 / day https://nypost.com/2017/11/08/americans-check-their-phones-80-times-a-day-study/


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yeah and generally people read one of the three rather than all three.

remember radio has been a thing a lot longer than milennials....

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This is correct. Phones are more like slot machine in Las Vegas

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Yes, I agree. Plus the fact that the men in 1916 couldn't suffer from vision fatigue with newspapers.

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Boekanier is a jew faggot.

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The difference is the newspaper couldn't give you a dopamine hit from likes, up votes, or whatever cucked social media faggotry is giving NPCs these days. And before you say something about how based Voat is, Voat does have this type of mechanic. Granted, it was basically copied from reddit and from what I can tell doesn't capitalize on it other than to keep the lights on, but it still exists. However, these other "platforms" have entire departments dedicated to figuring out how to get the user to hit the button and essentially get users addicted to blast them with ads. Likes, and up votes are addictive, they're basically digital drug dealers. The only thing a newspaper could give you is confirmation bias or a narrative, the dopamine hit on confirmation bias is far less than a bunch of NPCs hitting a button to give them a number to help validate their vapid existence.

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Hey you got 12 vapid existence validations! Nice!

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Yep, now my vapid existence is validated! However, I'm wondering why why 3 people thought it necessary to oppose my vapid existence. They must be racists. As a person of of color, POC, pronounced "POX," and a member of the the LBGTQWOP, I feel threatened and the people that downvoated me need to be gone because I feel threatened. FYI, the P stands for "pedophile" and don't think for a second you can get away with hating me bigot!

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Yes! Whenever anyone gives me shit about staring at my phone I say, “I’m not staring at my phone, I’m reading!”

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They're projecting, they only use their phones for social media and popcorn articles on Facebook. They assume you must be doing the same.

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the more things change, the more they stay the same

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-General MOTHAFUCKIN Shepherd

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Printing is tech. So is propaganda.

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Huge difference those people with smart phomes could be readinf voat and learning about the 600 trillion that died in the holahoax and laughing their asses off knowing the truth!

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people in the bottom picture were looking for jobs.... people in the top arent.

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Newspaper is also compostable and has multiple uses.

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But I doubt the the men in 1916 were viewing gay nigger porn.

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