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It'll be interesting to see how it works. If I'm understanding this correctly, federations will make it so that people who were banned by Gab (Patrick Little, Cantwell, for example) can still use the software; it's just that they won't have their posts seen on Gab's federation. Meanwhile, normies who claim to believe in "free speech" will join a federation that censors much of the speech they don't like and create their alternative version of Twitter.

At this stage, whatever hurts Big Tech is fine by me.

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It'll be interesting to see how it works.

As far as I've been able to gather, it is based on the Mastodon codebase, based on the protocol used by GNU Social for federated social networking. It works by syncing posts between nodes/servers automatically as subscriptions are added, allowing you to add people from other nodes to your feed. There were a few Free Speech oriented Gnu Social nodes, but the only one I could find that was still operational is Shitposter Club.

The federation protocol is also supported by Diaspora and ownCloud and it's various forks/clones. It's and interesting concept, but so far Diaspora has been the only stable "node" in this network, others come and go. With Gab as a central hub for a network of free speech communities it might just take off properly.

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Btw @PuttItOut - I couldn't post a proper link to shitposter.club as the entire .club TLD was banned (TEMP TLD BAN - SPAM) 1.6 years ago. I'm assuming TEMP means temporary? :p

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No - Gab needs to avoid Mastodon, and fork Plemora instead. Gargon completely fucked the fediverse with Mastodon, and GNU Social had to be forked into Plemora and made incompatible with Mastodon. Don't fucking feed that cancer - go Plemora instead.

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Arent places like youtube and twitter operating at a loss year after year? That makes it hard to compete with

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"Compete with"? There's no "competition" for them, they've been running red for fucking eons now, they're simply propped up artificially by cash streams from the usual suspects. It isn't the 90s anymore, tech giants don't become such unless Big Brother notices a promising up and comer and sidles up to them whispering "okay, here's mountains of dough, you belong to us now."

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FANG should have imploded by now and been replaced. You don't find it odd that it happened with lots of other sites, but not the tech giants?

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A loss you say goy? Haha, we use your tax dollars to run prop platforms like these. No need for accounting when we charge you taxes specifically to fuck you over. Mazel Tov!

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people who were banned by Gab (Patrick Little, Cantwell, for example)

These guys were banned by Gab? Granted, Cantwell is shit and stirs up drama wherever he goes, but why specifically were they banned?

Edit: Apparently Cantwell urged others to violence (while also being a self-admitted federal informant) and Little tried to doxx someone. I can see why they were banned.

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Little was banned because he refused to take down a specific post when asked to do so if I remember correctly.

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Little committed crimes on the platform. Free speech doesn't mean freedom to commit crimes

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Cantwell made an indirect call for people to kill liberals and I believe Patrick Little doxxed someone.

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I’m guessing they use tapatalk for mobile.

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Interesting. Gab pulls in as much criticism as youtube around here, and the people saying "stay away" aren't offering any alternatives.

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the people saying "stay away" aren't offering any alternatives.

A common problem.

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because there arent any.

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Often times, "no alternative" is far better than choosing one of the options the jewish masters deign to set before you. "Okay it's the least shitty thing so let's use this" is a coping mechanism of browbeaten idiots. I'd rather use no social media whatsoever than settle for using Twatter or Plebbit in a world in which Voat doesn't exist, for example. Point being "if you don't have a better alternative you're a shill" implications are faggotry.

That being said, this new thing from Gab looks very promising. If it works like described, then that essentially means no oversight or shut down control, and Gab should be hands off for all the servers, never interceding in the operation of them. It really sounds like the ideal platform, a decentralized version of something we should have had long ago (no surprise decentralization is fought every step of the way for anything).

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Regarding your first paragraph, this is, of course, how Democracy works as well. Gab == Trump, basically. "At least it isn't Twitter/Hillary". Anyone still aligned with them is extremely ignorant of the propaganda they've been soaking up their entire lives. If you used Gab and weren't banned from it (and a lot of them weren't even "bans"; accounts simply were revoked without a reason given, around the time they were molding the platform to fit the Bower shooting narrative by making every big brained National Socialist disappear), then you are a useful idiot who adds to the confusion surrounding the lemmings, an unknowing asset to our usurpers, and nothing more.

Regarding the second, it simply looks as if the jews and Zionists behind Gab are hijacking potential competition (Mastodon etc) before it becomes a problem keeping everyone in their subverted faux-alternative news bubbles.

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Look past the marketing bluster,Gab is based on the alternative,federated protocol of Mastodon.You can set up a mastodon server right now like this tweet explains.

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We dont need a twitter. A good chan exists and we have voat. Do we need a twitter? You tell me

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Communication in 140~ words or so is severely low IQ. You can not have deep arguments with anyone, instead the 140 words actually invites people to use personal insults or at the very least sarcastic form of discourse. Thus you're not there to convince anyone, you're there to browbeat your ideology into others people minds and make them conform. Twitter is a jewish construct. Twitter is a giant echobox of leftists.

This is why federated is good, but it doesn't go far enough, it should be decentralized entirely in a p2p construction, but as soon as you introduce a block or ban function or disallow anonymous contributions you've entirely missed the point.

These banning practices is how Marxism works in practice, it requires it to maintain control and for the past 10 years that control has been increasingly lost, the kikes at Gab simply want their flavor of ideology to be allowed which is anti-Marxist, centrist right leaning but it still is in favor of globalism which can come in the leftist totalitarian socialist/communist way or in the rightist civic nationalist way, both are in favor of making you a minority and parasitism is much harder of a host who has an intact immune system response to abuse. Civic Nationalism is supported by them and as an politicial stream it remains in favor of multi-culturalism because the Jew will never feel safe as a minority in large ethnic mono-culture countries. Thus it needs to silence those who call out the kike to not allow what they believe is going to far, but the truth is anti-judiac. Questioning their root control which is the holohaux awakens people, even if they are at first exposed to the truth and vehemently deny or think you're insane, the seed has been planted and occasionally they'll encounter a new tidbit of information which will shatter their imprinted propagandized world view.

Whenever i visit twitter, i feel like i walked into a shithole ghetto and pass a house where someone wrote with dogshit on a tree branch on a house wall some insult like 'you suck'. Twitter is shit covered walls of small catch phrases.

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Excellent news,even if the core implementation is based on an idea that is fairly old.

I'd want them to try and make a P2P YouTube alternative too along the likes of Bitchute(don't want all the eggs in the same basket).

Another fairly novel idea would be to put private chats front and center.If proven secure,they should be able to wean away lots of traffic from Discord.

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P2P YouTube alternative too along the likes of Bitchute

Check out PeerTube, it's this

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thanks for sharing. looks interesting. I've just been using invidio and bitchute for the longest time.

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Cool find,thanks.

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Honest question; why would I want to create a mirror of a shitty echo chamber platform ran by a kike?

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Honest question, why are you a retard.

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It'll be interesting after a third party does a code review and codifies it. Private instance, self hosted... But no cross host sharing or discovery.

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I stopped using Gab because the shitty javascript buttons always stop working. How about fix that first and worry about rewriting your server-side shit later?

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Yup, Gab is generally garbage, but the main Developer left and the new guys they got are much better. They're going to revamp the design of the site, so keep an eye out for it.

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Gab is still run by Jews you God damn faggots

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The entire fucking west is run by them. You can not avoid supporting some of them at least indirectly anyway unless you completely check out and start living in the woods. YouTube is also run by them and yet millions of people got redpilled on there. They can't control us completely yet so it's best to join these platforms and get your message out to as many people as possible for as long as you can.

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we use whats available, not some non-existent perfect solution

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