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I dont get this guy. Hes relatively woke but still a satanist, which is absolutely retarded. Like...yeah, the unseen exists...and you know all these Zionist Jews worship satan and demons...so...you do it too? I just cant follow the logic in that.

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It was rebellion by an intelligent, strongly independent youth, against halfwit authority figures.

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He was a satanist in the past, but not any more. He's been open about it in several videos and seems quite dismissive about the satanist stuff now.

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Well I mean he shouldn't be dismissive about it. Most of us with half a brain know that it's all real, and it seems like he has more than half a brain.

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God bless him.

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Maybe hes stuck in an online persona and doesnt want to change it for fear of losing subscribers.

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You may be right, but if that's the case then I still cant really respect him being that caught up in the world. It's a bit of a shame too, because hes clearly smart enough to see the reality of our situation and the good guys could use more people who are aware that both sides, the good and the evil side of the seen and unseen, are very real.

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Styx is a smart faggot.

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I think minds.com is the better platform

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satanist needs to call the jew,he almost did there though

also,he is a moron with sticking with youtube the moment i get demonetized,its the moment i would have left the place and also banning people for having a different worldview or political affiliation or ideas are pretty communist to me

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Yeah, when I found out he sells occult books, but claims the occult isn't real, and yet also admitted to being an occultist, that was it for me.

I mean, either you are selling books to people, that you know to be useless, or you are introducing them to the occult, which you know to be real. Neither is OK.

He's not a bad guy, I just don't support him in any way.

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He's not a bad guy, I just don't support him in any way.

his own master its deluding him and he is deluding others too.those signs that he has in the background mean something,the ouborous and the little demon inside the circle means something.you cannot pretend to worship a dark entity and tells others that it doesnt exist.hardcore satanists must be laughing at guys like this.the sad part is that he is a pretty intelligent and articulate guy but i guess he thinks that reason its his salvation.

if you go deeper these atheists who claim to love satan as figure head are nothing more than fools who like the luciferians that follows after the myth of prometheus will end up realizing too late that the light that they had was nothing but darkness and they will share the same fate as their lord.burning in the lake of fire for eternity