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Why are they calling it a "$137 billion business empire"? That was it's revenue. When have you ever heard a company categorized like that by revenue. This is a $700 billion+ market cap company.

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you were reading jew-talk, sir. just ignore their bluster

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acktually, they are downplaying it's market cap so that would be the opposite of bluster.

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Without clicking the article, I can tell you that search/ad business, Android/mobile phone, Youtube, and Google Apps/Enterprise Mail businesses would be split off from each other.

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  • Microsoft: Busted up quickly, only owned a start menu/browser that confused boomers and MS Word, not owned by a jew.
  • Google: Literally owns most of the internet, can't escape it no matter what browser you use. Is finally given a wrist slap, no break up, owned by a jew.

See a pattern here?

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This antitrust issue is a facade of fair play; make it appear "the process" works. There will be campaign donations to fill upcoming election war chests and possibly a fine.

Google will continue biz as usual. Google is partnered with Deep State, just like Amazon.

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And on top of that the kikes would just make another Google but this time it will be more dishonest and decitful and will never tell its users that their data is being mined

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Use TOR, it uses DuckDuckGo. No censorship. It is shocking how many sites that don't show on google for not being PC. No ads follow you around for days. Also TOR bounces you through multiple servers all over the world. It is a sort of cloaking device.

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For it to remain intact would be a disservice to everyone everywhere.

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Antitrust is the future.

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