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Wow. They talk about supremacy, and bundle anti jewish ideologies in the same breath.

I say that semitism is also supremacy speech.

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Yet elsagate videos are still so easy to find...

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And children are the most important targets anyway. Adult political content is absurdly overrated.

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The most capitalist thing anyone could do as a response would be to launch their own competitive video streaming site that appeals to advertisers as well.

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Advertisers are owned by the same jews most of the time. Not really a winning situation the only winning situation is to buy products that are not jew owned.

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I, for one, have already blocked YouTube in my hosts file and only watching Bitchute. You should all do the same and limit yourself to open software only.

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What new rules?

Post 'em from jewtube.

I'm not allowed to visit there.

My mommy cares about me.