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Anybody who needs the frilly shit that discord has and IRC doesn't, needs to pare back on the soy in their diet.

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How do you anonymize your connection on irc? Is the only option tor?

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I do know that weechat has built-in proxy support. Not sure about other clients.

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Mumble for voice.

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Telegram has channels for more open discussion. Not sure on feature set matches but they won't shut down your channel for Wrong Think.

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Telegram requires a phone number, in case that information is useful to some goat.

My comment isn't a position for or against Telegram.

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I haven't tried it myself, but I hear Google Voice works, and likely several other VOIP phone services. You could also buy a temporary SIM.

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Riot, put a small server in a data center and install synapse. Its not too hard, also you can install nextcloud on it. That also can be used to make calls, video chat, share files, in fact the recent update you can work on documents with others in real time. Its somewhat tricky to set up, you need a document server (its free from onlyoffice) setup.

There is also kamailio if you want a SIP phone type system. It works with TLS and you can setup ZRTP for encryption. Its pretty nifty. Riot is the most similar to discord and I highly recommend setting up your own synapse server. Get a domain, setup synapse, turn, letsencrypt certificate, apache2, python.... The riot app for android is available on f-droid without google framework crap. It integrates well with android, you can video, call, chat, send pics and stuff plus its encrypted (option). It is a work of art IMO

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The best alternative to Discord is Cohesiveness.

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TeamSpeak u faggot nigger

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IRC is a hidden forgotten gem. It's still my hassle-free go-to for downloading mp3 singles

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server: Undernet

channel: " #mp3-best-of "

had to add quotes for formatting. There is another popular mp3 one [not as good in my experience], but this is the one I remember and use (I honestly don't know if this violates a policy for anti-pirating--so this may or may not get deleted. Searching online will usually show this one however).

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I had great success with mumble, and don't know why my friends stopped using it.

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Same. It seemed like a good step up from teamspeak in terms of voice quality. But I guess everyone wanted the ease of sharing and joining chat rooms.

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